Your Fish

Each angler is absolutely encouraged to keep some fish during their visit, our guides are up to date on current catch limits and are properly equipped to help you catch what you need to feed your family all year long.

We like to acknowledge that all fish, Salmon especially, are an extremely precious resource on our coast and we kindly ask that you only keep what you intend to eat. It isn’t always necessary to kill your entire limit if you wont be able to eat it all before next years trip!

Fish Processing

We take extreme care of your fresh fish to ensure you are going home with a product you are proud to share with your friends and family.

At the end of each day, our staff will clean and prepare your fish for processing. We keep your catch on-site until the last day of your trip.

On the last night at the lodge, you will sit down with your guide and fill out a “fish form”. It is here that you will specific exactly how you would like each one of your fish processed when it gets to town. Once processed, your fish will be labelled and vacuum sealed into individual portions, flash frozen and packed neatly into a box or styrofoam cooler, and will be available for you to pick up when you land at Vancouver Island Air the next day.


Our most popular choice. Fresh fillets, vacuum packed, and frozen. Fillets cut in a variety of portion sizes.


Steaks are cut cross-section through the bone. This is also a popular choice. Typically they are packaged 2 per package.

Hot Smoke

Be sure to ask about the different flavours available including regular hot smoke, pepper smoke, or cajun.

Cold Smoked

Also known as lox – this process does not use heat and the fish is not cooked. Lox is popular with capers and bagels.


A traditional West Coast treat!

Fish Shipping

We have partnered with The UPS Store in Campbell River, which is run locally by Sebastian Saez and his wife Yumey Cuan, to ship your catch home safely. We have decided to work exclusively with them, they have shown that they care about your fish and have the knowledge to make sure it reaches you efficiently. They carefully package your fish with dry ice, prepare customs documentation (including an FDA Prior Notice for all shipments going to the U.S.A.), and carefully monitor your package to make sure it gets to its destination safely and quickly.

Sebastian and Yumey can be contacted directly if you have any questions/concerns regarding shipping at or via phone at 250-850-3500 Ext. 5

The UPS Store #215
1434 Ironwood St.
Campbell River, BC V9W5T5
(250) 286-3500