A couple sends casts off the end of a dock as the sun sets over the Nootka Sound during a romantic getaway on Vancouver Island.

There is an abundance of tranquility and solitude in the Nootka Sound for those who seek it. The iconic, scenic beauty that exemplifies our slice of Pacific paradise is just one small example. The breathtaking seascapes graciously lend themselves to passionate intimacy, allowing those who arrive to immerse themselves not only in their environment but in each other as well. Typified by expansive beaches, undeveloped coastlines, and pristine waters, Nootka Wilderness Lodge is the perfect setting for a romantic getaway on Vancouver Island. From relaxing beaches to heart-pumping helicopter tours, you and your partner will bond like never before. Whether you are newly engaged or celebrating decades of devotion, it’s crucial to nurture your companionship beyond everyday expectations. So in the spirit of going the extra mile for those we love, we’ll give you an idea of what to expect during a romantic getaway on Vancouver Island.

Luxury Resorts in British Columbia

Very few places can deliver the type of serenity found throughout Vancouver Island. Often, the best time we share is that in which we have no obligations. Quite simply, you’ll be able to trade your worries and responsibilities for each other’s utmost attention as you save deadlines and meetings for another day. They say that couples that fish together stay together, so why not sow the seeds of love while enjoying your favorite pastime at a luxury resort in British Columbia?

Nootka Sound Adventures and World-Class Cuisine

Besides being one of the most luxurious fishing lodges in the Pacific Northwest, we also have a wide variety of adventure packages for you to embark on during your romantic getaway on Vancouver Island. One day you could be walking hand-in-hand along the Nootka Sound’s fabled coastline and the next flying above it in a helicopter. What’s more, we have an unrivaled gourmet dining experience that will undoubtedly have you feeling like royalty as you watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Vancouver Island Vacation Packages

Roasted cauliflower.Never before has it been more important to go beyond everyday niceties to let the special someone in your life know you cherish them. One thing is for sure, the bond you have now will only return stronger after a romantic getaway on Vancouver Island. For more information or to make a reservation, please reach out to us online or call 250-850-1500.