Escape to Nootka Wilderness Lodge, where you’ll be surrounded by complete tranquillity and able to indulge in what we like to call the Zen Factor during romantic getaways in Canada. Fly over the serene Campbell River on your way to the lodge and be welcomed by our friendly staff on our floating Nootka Sound resort in Vancouver Island, BC. As you begin to plan your romantic getaways in Canada, a fishing trip may not be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, we’d like to take a minute to enlighten you on why Canada fishing trips should be on your romantic getaway bucket list.

Two people in boat reeling in fish.

A Peaceful Escape

Nothing quite compares to a relaxing day out on the Nootka Sound during romantic getaways in Canada. You’ll love spending quality time with one another, where you can share your love of fishing while creating life-lasting memories in Vancouver Island, BC. Our friendly guides will help you learn something new together as you embark on daily outdoor adventures. Not only will you experience some of the best fishing in Canada, but you’ll also be able to spend time kayaking, paddle boarding, and playing games back at the lodge.

The Simple Things

Time spent together on romantic getaways in Canada should be about rekindling your flame, laughing with one another, and just spending moments away from the daily grind. Each evening, you’ll be able to spend one-on-one time with your significant other while enjoying a gourmet dinner prepared by our chef. Dining on our deck and sipping a glass of wine while you watch the sun go down will be one of your favourite things to do on Vancouver Island. Our Nootka Sound resort accommodations feature a hotel-style room with a private bath as we know privacy on vacation is vital. Your stay will be full of adventure, yet it will also allow time to indulge in the simple things.

Tranquil Nootka Sound Resort Getaway

If there’s something to be said about Nootka Wilderness Lodge, it’s that you’re guaranteed to feel better on your way out than you did when you first arrived. Over a few days, you’ll be able to unwind and detach from life’s stressors, leaving nothing but room for joy and relaxation during your escape. We hope that you’ve come to see why taking your romantic getaways in Canada will be a must-do at some point in your life. It’s never too early to book your Canada fishing trips as you’ll want to ensure you’re able to make flight reservations for the appropriate time. Please give our welcoming staff a call at 1-250-850-1500 or book online!

Wine and seafood set on table overlooking water and mountains from lodge deck.