Do it yourself fishing

Come to our lodge and sleep & dine with us! Bring your own boat and fish or explore one of the best areas of the west coast! We can also provide a guide if needed and you can fuel up for your trip in our marina.

​Give us a call – 250-850-1500 – and let us know what you had in mind and we will build a trip for you!

I want to bring my boat to NWL

What to Bring


We want you to be comfortable. Bring comfortable shoes and clothes that can be layered so that you can adjust to the weather throughout the day.
Early mornings and evenings can be cool and damp, even in the summer months.
Foul weather gear (including boots and raingear) is provided at the lodge, so you won’t have to worry about packing those.

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Don’t forget to bring your camera! You will want to capture shots of your big catch to show friends and family.
Nootka is one of the most scenic areas in the world and well worth taking photos of.
You may also wish to photograph the bald eagles, bears, dolphins, whales, seals, sea lions and a variety of marine life.

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Sunscreen, Hat & Sunglasses 

Don’t forget your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.
The reflection off of the water can make it hard to see and you don’t want to miss the big strike.

Wellness & Toiletries 

If you are prone to sea sickness, Gravol or motion sickness wristbands may be something to consider. Both can be purchased from your local pharmacy.
If you forget, these items can be purchased in Campbell River. Shampoo and body wash are provided.