A helicopter tour group rests atop a mountain as two adventures gaze in awe at the scenic view.

The mountains of the Vancouver Island Ranges are majestic treasures to behold when looking at them from the ground level, but imagine the spectacular vistas obtained while hovering on a couple of helicopter tours? As helicopter tours have gained popularity over the last few years, visitors have travelled to Vancouver Island for air excursions, immersing themselves in the isle’s breathtaking views and scenic landscapes.

On the west side of Vancouver Island, on the Nootka Sound, Nootka Wilderness Lodge offers a floating retreat for those seeking the ultimate British Columbia vacation. Take in the awe-inspiring views above some of the Pacific Northwest’s coveted landmarks, such as the Campbell River valley and elegant oceanside beaches.

5 Reasons to Take a Vancouver Island Helicopter Tour

  1. Not everyone can say they flew in a helicopter, certainly not one travelling through a mountain range. Helicopter tours allow you to gaze upon sights you can’t even see from an airplane.
  2. Our society is starting to place more value on experience over possessions. The memories you created while on a helicopter tour will be timeless, and what’s more, you can take photos!
  3. It’s an excellent chance to learn about Vancouver Island’s history and landmarks and the west coast of British Columbia.
  4. Have you ever had a mountain picnic? Well, you can while on a helicopter tour!
  5. You only live once, and a Vancouver Island helicopter tour makes a great bucket list item.

Vancouver Island Ranges

The Vancouver Island Ranges make up the largest, most centralized portion of Vancouver Island and are a sub-range of the Insular Mountains. With an area of 31,788 square kilometres, there are 18 smaller subdivisions, including Sophia and Genevieve Ranges, on Nootka Island, even within this sub-range. Golden Hinde is the highest peak on the Vancouver Island Ranges and is 2,201 metres high. These snow-capped mountains are a big part of what makes the Vancouver Island region so magnificent.

What You Need for a Vancouver Island Helicopter Tour

I helicopter waits atop a mountain.Preparing for a helicopter tour isn’t necessarily a cumbersome task, but there are a few things that will make your adventure more enjoyable. Wear comfortable clothing that fits loosely and is light-coloured. The sun is brighter in the sky, and the heat can sometimes cause discomfort. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to wear sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat for extra protection. Also, keep in mind that temperatures can drop rapidly during ascension, so wearing pants and long-sleeved shirts with layers of clothing is a good idea. Like we mentioned before, be sure to bring your camera or video camera.

British Columbia Vacations with Nootka Wilderness Lodge

Nestled on Nootka Island, Nootka Wilderness Lodge offers an unrivalled experience while on your British Columbia vacation. Our helicopter tours are just one slice of the adventure pie, as our location lends itself to a myriad of activities from wildlife viewing to beach walking. For more information on how we can facilitate your most awesome adventure, please visit us online or call 250-850-1500.