A close up view of a rainbow trout being held by a fisherman trout fishing in BC..

BC fishing vacations to Vancouver Island often revolve around targeting native coastal salmon; however, our slice of paradise is one of the most productive trout fisheries in Canada, if not the world! From freshwater rainbows to ocean-tested steelheads, Vancouver Island offers a wide range of highly coveted trout varieties. Furthermore, many people will think of fly rods when considering trout fishing in BC, so not everyone realizes that spinners are a highly effective lure for enticing a wide range of salmonid species. Although Nootka Wilderness Lodge will supply you with top of the line gear, you may want to consider packing an extra assortment of your best spinners for trout. If you’re planning a fishing vacation, there is a good chance that you’ve developed a preference, but if you’re new to the sport or want to widen your arsenal, we recommend taking a look below.

A Broad Look at the Best Spinners for Trout

If you’re still reading this, there is a high probability that you’re familiar with spinners, but you can never stop learning when it comes to trout fishing in BC. Spinners refer to a broad type of lure that has a metal, spoon-shaped blade attached to it. When retrieving the lure, the water’s resistance causes the blade to spin, creating an attention-grabbing display that attracts fish through vibrations and visual presentation. Although these lures are sufficient for many different sport fish types, like bass and walleye, they are considered a go-to lure for trout fishing in BC. 

The Main Types of Spinners

  • Live bait spinners come in various styles, but the primary feature is the implementation of worms or minnows hooked behind the blad. Just be sure to check your local regs on the use of live bait!
  • Standard inline spinners rotate around a straight wire and typically have some added weight to cast them effectively at a greater distance.
  • Spinnerbaits look like open safety pins that feature a lead head mold atop with a swivel, with some versions using a multi-blade design.
  • Buzzbaits are similar to inlines and spinnerbaits, but have a unique propeller best employed as a topwater presentation.

The Best Spinners for Trout Fishing in BC

As you’re well aware, trout fishing in BC is one of the most common reasons to visit Vancouver Island. Lake all sportfish, trout are most intrigued by lures and baits that resemble their natural prey. As a result, the best spinners for trout are ones that look like something a trout would likely hunt and eat. Here are three of our favorite spinners:

  • Yakima Bait Original Rooster Tail – A tried and trusted spinner, the Rooster Tail has a bit of fur on the end to add to its iconic allure. 
  • Joe’s Flies Short Striker – This innovative design is a hybrid combining the enticing presentation of a fly with the tenacity of a spinner. This unique concept is excellent for fly fishers looking to explore the joy of spinners.
  • Panther Martin – Widely considered a go-to lure for trout anglers worldwide, Panther Martin has an expansive selection of pro-rated lures. Highly effective in deep streams, Panther Martin has a dynamic selection that allows anglers to adapt readily.

BC Fishing Vacations at the Best Vancouver Island Resort

Whether you prefer the guidance of a Canadian fishing charter or going at it alone, Nootka Wilderness Lodge is the perfect basecamp for a BC fishing vacation, especially since you’ve become familiar with some of the best spinners for trout fishing in BC. With two main packages geared for adventure, you’ll soon realize why you booked with us! For more information or to make your reservation, please reach out online or call 250-850-1500.