Travel TipsGreat! You’ve booked your upcoming trip to Nootka Wilderness Lodging to do some of the best fishing in Canada for the next salmon season, now what? Well first things first, if you’re not a regular traveller, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re fully prepared for your upcoming Vancouver Island fishing trip. Creating a packing checklist will be a great starting point, and the best part about booking early is that you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and prepare. We’ll cover the meals, fishing gear and rain gear but you’ll want to prepare for the trip in a few other ways. Not to worry, we’ll go over some of the best travel tips and tricks that you’ve never thought about when taking a long-distance trip to our fishing destination on Nootka Sound. 

Travel Packing Checklist

Travel TipsIt’s a smart idea to lay out what you plan to wear every day of your trip to ensure that you have enough clothing throughout your stay. Add a mixture of long and short sleeves, light and heavy layers, a swimsuit and durable shoes to your travel checklist. Creating a packing list on your phone will be convenient, for when something comes to mind, you can add it to the list! Here are ten examples for your packing list that you may not have thought about:

  • Cash, additional card
  • Sunscreen, lip balm, hand lotion, insect repellent, Aloe Vera
  • Camera, extra batteries, binoculars
  • Extra prescription medication, Emergen-C or Airborne, along with headache medicine 
  • Waterproof bag for dirty clothing or large plastic bags will do
  • Sunglasses, hats, and white/lightweight long sleeves
  • Extra socks, underwear, compression socks (great for the flight and sitting for long periods)
  • Comfortable slip-on shoes for airport and evenings
  • Inflatable travel pillow and travel-size snacks
  • Bandana: covers neck from the sun and keeps you warm on Nootka Sound waters

Carry-on Packing Checklist

If you’re not a frequent airport traveller, it’s essential to also create a packing list for your carry-on. Some items we suggest including in your carry-on are your electronics, toothbrush, medications, important documents, snacks, headphones, reading materials, along with lotion and hand sanitizer (airplanes are dry and dirty). Throw an empty water bottle in your travel carry-on and fill it up with water after you get through security. There are numerous ways to get to Nootka Wilderness Lodge when you’re not traveling by plane. Please visit our Getting Here page to learn more! 

That Forgettable Item: Ziplock Bags

It’s never a bad idea to throw a few extra ziplock baggies in your luggage as they could come in handy at any time throughout your travels to Vancouver Island. Whether you’d like to keep your phone dry while you’re fishing in Canada or want to throw those liquid items in a ziplock, bag-you’ll end up using them more than you think!

Think Smart During Travel

Always let your bank or credit card company know that you’re travelling to Vancouver Island so that all of your purchases will automatically be authorized. There’s nothing worse than sitting on the phone and dealing with an issue that could have been avoided. Another smart idea is to let a trusted friend back home know that you’re travelling or have a house sitter who regularly checks up on your place during your vacation. Lastly, create copies of any important documents you are bringing with to ensure that you have a backup readily available. 

How to Get in Contact

Travel TipsWe hope you’ve found a few travel tips and tricks that will make everything go as smoothly as possible during your trip to Nootka Wilderness Lodge. Creating a packing checklist will ensure that you have everything that you need throughout your stay. Our friendly staff can give you a rundown of any additional items you may have questions about. You can email or please call 1-250-850-1500 for further assistance.