The biggest season of Vancouver Island fishing has finally arrived, and at Nootka Wilderness Lodge we couldn’t be more thrilled to share the experience with you! Salmon season brings anglers from all over the world to our Nootka Sound resort, and for a good reason. Salmon fishing Campbell River BC, provides a constant flow of salmon coming through, a chance to bask in the breathtaking scenery, as well as a comfortable stay at our Vancouver Island fishing lodges during your vacation. While we can talk the talk, let’s walk the walk and go over the top five reasons as to why our Nootka Sound resort is the best place to stay during your fishing vacations! #CampbellRiver, #Salmonfishing, #VancouverIsland, #fishing

Beautiful BC

Consistency & Year Round Vancouver Island Fishing

At Nootka Wilderness Lodge, fishing is wide open year round, which is why Vancouver Island is a top-rated area for all traveling anglers. Chinook is present even through December, which is when anglers can come and indulge in the peaceful, calm waters during winter. The Nootka Sound provides many bays, deep inlets, and protected coves, which makes for a variety of hot spots. You’ll have all the salmon fishing you could ever think of at your very own disposal while staying at our Vancouver Island fishing lodges. The Seymour Narrows push an abundance of the five salmon species to Campbell River, providing even more opportunity for that king salmon dream catch! Fishing in Campbell River BC is second-to-none and should be on your bucket list of things to do in Canada! #NootkaWild

Experienced Guides

Don’t mind us being a little blunt when we say the knowledgeable guides at our Nootka Sound resort know where to catch the fish, and you may not. Unless you have years of experience fishing Campbell River BC, you may not know where to find the fish. Trust our guides to help you reel in these massive creatures while teaching you tips, tricks, and catching you up to speed along the way. Our anglers know the currents, how to deal with weather transitions, and will even bait for you! Vacation is meant to be just that, so leave the heavy lifting to us while you relax in Vancouver Island fishing during your getaway!

Natural Scenery

While on the Nootka Sound, you’ll be in a state of complete zen and immersed in the paradise that surrounds Vancouver Island. You’ll have picturesque panoramic views of jagged mountains that reach up to two kilometers towards the sky, towering cedars, glistening crystal clear waters, and a variety of diverse wildlife. The landscape will absolutely take your breath away, and don’t be surprised when you see otters, sea lions, dolphins, orca, humpback, and Pacific grey whales splashing in the distance during the sunset. The Nootka Sound is part of the Pacific Flyway, where millions of migratory birds travel overhead throughout the year. We’ll point out passing bears, wolves, cougars, elk, and deer on Vancouver Island during your fishing excursion. No matter what time of day you set out to fish, you’ll be surrounded by the natural wonders of Vancouver Island.

Convenient Accommodations

At Nootka Wilderness Lodge our accommodations are located minutes from all the fishing hot spots, no need to hop on a two-hour plane ride to do world-class fishing. We provide comfortable beds, a spacious place to dine, a deck area to take in the sunsets and accommodate smaller groups so that you get the care that you deserve. We provide daily meals, rain gear; however, we suggest checking the PLAN page to see what you’ll want to bring along! So there you have it the top five reasons to stay at our Nootka Sound resort and fish Campbell River, consistency of the fish, year-round fishing, guided excursions, breathtaking scenery, and convenient accommodations, and when you add them all up you get what we like to call— the zen factor! To get ready for your world-class fishing adventure to Vancouver Island give us a call at 1-250-850-1500!

Nootka Wilderness Lodge