Nootka Wilderness Lodge sign with black bear in background.

Nootka Sound fishing is wide open and offers anglers a chance to catch the five species of salmon as well as halibut, red snapper, and cod near the Nootka Wilderness Lodge. The Nootka Sound area has three salmon hatcheries, a magnificent wilderness surrounding, and has a wide variety of sea and land mammals. While in Vancouver Island fishing, not only will you be able to catch fish, but you’ll also be surrounded by a beautiful ecosystem. Keep reading to find out which sea critters and animals you can expect to see while fishing in Canada.

Sea Otters

Sea Otters are one of the smallest mammals you’ll see while at our floating Nootka Sound adventure lodge. The otters eat the unruly sea urchins that devour the kelp forests in Nootka Sound, which plays a vital role in the fish habitat. The sea otters were once extinct on our coast because of the fur trade but were reintroduced in 1969. Keep your eyes open because these marine mammals are rare to find but exciting to see!

Sea Lion

While in Vancouver Island fishing, you may look over to the shore and see few sea lions posted up on the rocks and barking like dogs. These lively mammals can reach speeds upwards of 25 mph in the water and are known as the “trained seal” similar to those you see in a circus.

Dolphins, Humpbacks, and Killer Whales⁠— Oh My!

Person posing for a picture with humpback whale breaching behind them.While on your Vancouver Island trips you may notice dolphins commonly showing off near your Nootka Sound fishing boat. However; the most majestic creatures you’ll see while fishing in Canada are the massive whales. The largest member of the dolphin species is the Killer Whale (Orca), which can weigh up to 11 tons and are identified by their white patches— think Free Willy! The Humpback whales have the biggest flippers of the species, are incredibly acrobatic and can blow 11-13 feet of spray straight up towards the sky. Be on the lookout for whales while in Vancouver Island fishing, they’re more common to see then you would expect!

Black & Grizzly Bears

Fishing in Canada is unlike any other experience you’ll have as it’s not every day you see a bear while out fishing. While Vancouver Island grizzly bears are not native to the island, they are near the Northwest Coast of BC and are found in Glendale Cove. Until recently there were no grizzly bears on the island, but grizzlies now have been spotted in Northern Vancouver Island. While you may not see a grizzly, there are over 7000 black bears that roam Vancouver Island, making it one of the most populated black bear destinations in the world.

Plan Vancouver Island Trips

There are many other sea creatures and popular animals, such as bald eagles, that make up the Nootka Sound land and marine life. Bring binoculars on your Vancouver Island trips to get the most out of your experience. Take a look at our video and photo gallery page to get a small taste of what you can expect to see during your stay. It’s never too early to start planning your trips to Canada and reserve a spot at Nootka Wilderness Lodge. To book your stay, visit us online or call 1-250-850-1500 to learn more about a Nootka Sound fishing adventure.