Due to the pandemic, festivities like birthdays and weddings have taken a back-seat. But, for how long? Many couples plan their weddings several months (sometimes years) in advance and do not want to postpone them further. In such cases, micro weddings are a great idea. Plus, some couples love the idea of an intimate wedding, rather than a huge one with people they do not even know. So, let us explore more about planning a micro wedding at the secluded Nootka Wilderness Lodge.

What is a Micro Wedding?

Essentially, a micro wedding is a celebration with a limited guest list. This includes not more than 20 of your closest family members and friends. This intimate celebration makes the couple feel connected to each of their guests. Plus, these are people that truly matter to them. This makes the wedding authentic, genuine, and genuinely heartwarming. Plus, the pandemic has bought a lot of limitations to celebrations, especially weddings.

Many states have imposed limits to large gatherings, so a micro wedding is a win-win situation for everyone. Even though the weddings are smaller in size, it does not mean that couples have to compromise on style or flair. Micro weddings are smaller, which means couples can go all out with the theme.

Plan a Micro Wedding at Nootka Wilderness Lodge

Nootka Wilderness Lodge is located on Nootka Sound, which is an unspoiled stretch of picturesque Vancouver Island. Known for its incredible fishing experience, Nootka Wilderness Lodge is a floating resort with gourmet meals, friendly staff, and unparalleled outdoor adventures (perfect for a honeymoon!). The lodge comprises 12 guest rooms. At the same time, the main lodge has a dining room, a huge lounge, and a deck area for relaxation purposes.  

Apart from that, Nootka Wilderness Lodge holds many events, including micro weddings, family gatherings, and corporate retreats. We offer fully customizable events that can be designed to suit your needs. Our Executive (Red Seal) Chef and hospitality team work tirelessly to ensure that your event exceeds your expectations. Plan your micro wedding at Nootka Wilderness Lodge for memories that will last a lifetime.

Micro weddings are the best way to celebrate during COVID times. The mini-version of a big celebration helps you be adventurous and budget-friendly at the same time. A micro wedding at Nootka Wilderness Lodge can be an excellent choice for your celebration. To learn more or obtain a quote, please email us directly at fishnwl@telus.net or dial 250-850-1500.