A row of boats perfectly situated for fishing on Vancouver Island.

Self-guided fishing on Vancouver Island is something all avid anglers should experience before they die. You don’t have to be too familiar with Nootka Sound or have the expert-level fishing skill to achieve a successful outing. While there are undoubtedly many advantages to guided fishing trips and self-guided ones, knowing these advantages may not be as common knowledge as we think. Nootka Wilderness Lodge isn’t your typical fishing resort, therefore, offers both guided and self-guided fishing charters. To help show you the benefits of D.I.Y. fishing on Vancouver Island, we put together a brief rundown that should be of assistance.

The Benefits of D.I.Y. Fishing on Vancouver Island

It’s no secret that many fishermen and women prefer to be left to their own devices when it comes to their favourite pastime. As creatures of habit, we like to do things when we want, and on our own terms. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that we aren’t adaptable, heck, that’s what makes a successful angler! However, there is a heightened sense of accomplishment that is attained by landing a highly coveted chinook or coho salmon while navigating unfamiliar waters. Plus, when you’re on your own, you don’t have to wait around for anyone else to get ready! Partaking in self-guided fishing on Vancouver Island doesn’t exclude you from the many perks of staying at Nootka Wilderness Lodge like fish processing and exquisite gourmet dining. What’s more, we’ll even ship your bounty for you after we process it to your liking

Navigating the Nootka Sound

Further adding to the allure of self-guided fishing on Vancouver Island, not only will you be immersed in the pristine wilderness that surrounds our floating lodge, you’ll have access to our marina! Other fishing resorts put you on a schedule, but at Nootka Wilderness Lodge, you can fish as early or as late as you’d like without a care in the world. So, if you consider yourself a serious angler with the desire to fish on your terms, look no further! 

Wilderness Resort and Vancouver Island Fishing Lodge

Combine the rugged coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest with luxurious accommodations and world-class culinary excellence, and you get Nootka Wilderness Lodge. The best part is, there’s much more to do than fishing on Vancouver Island, so when you’re done reeling them in, you’ll have a new set of adventures waiting for you. For more information or to book your stay, please contact us online or call 250-850-1500.