fishing in CanadaWhat is it about fishing in Canada that keeps us coming back to the tranquil waters of Nootka Sound to fish time and time again? Is it that unmatched feeling of pure joy that we experience deep down in the pit of our stomach at the first sign of a tug after waiting a lifetime? Perhaps it’s the feeling of a complete disconnect from our daily life stressors. 

What if it’s in moments? The moments where you feel the warmth of the sun wrapping itself around your skin as you tilt your head toward the sky. The seconds that you close your eyes and hear the surrounding sounds of nature as they slowly enter into your peaceful little world. Perhaps, in the end, it’s not even about the catch; maybe it’s about the journey to what gets us there. Keep reading as we share the top five health benefits of fishing in Canada while staying at Nootka Wilderness Lodge

1. Improves Balance and Strength 

Between casting your line and reeling in fish upward of 30 pounds, you’ll be burning calories as well as improving your cardiovascular strength in the process. With some of the best bottom fishing and salmon fishing in Canada (and even the world), you’ll be reeling in many throughout your stay. Not only will you use your upper body strength in addition to your core and legs, but you’ll also be improving your balance as you wrestle with your monster catch.  

2. Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Spending the afternoon outdoors in Vancouver Island will not only help you de-stress, but you’ll be getting a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D promotes healthy bone growth, lowers blood pressure, and strengthens your immune and nervous system. 

3. The Zen Factor

Doing numerous activities over a few days, you’ll begin to experience what owner Brian Gage refers to as The Zen Factor. Through shared activities, laughter, catching fish surrounded by nature and watching the beautiful sunset over Vancouver Island on the front deck, you’ll leave in a better place than when you first arrived. 

4. Take a Digital Detox

Soaking up life experiences in real-time will reduce anxiety in addition to connecting to the environment of Vancouver Island. Getting back to the roots of what life is truly about—away from your phone, computer, and television—will leave you with memories that will feel as though they happened just yesterday.

5. Practice Patience

Only through the act of patience while fishing in Canada can you experience spectacular rewards while on the Campbell River. Practicing patience in addition to awareness of the situation allows you to evaluate different fishing techniques and strategies, which means when the fish strikes, you’ll be ready. 

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fishing in canadaWhile there are countless health benefits to fishing, it goes without saying that the reward of a massive fish is a prize in itself. Happiness is in moments, and during that moment, when you hold up the largest salmon you’ve ever caught in your life grinning from ear to ear, will you truly experience what fishing in Canada is all about. So what are you waiting for? Stop putting off something you’ve been waiting to do for years, and join us at Nootka Wilderness Lodge in Vancouver Island where happiness is guaranteed. Please give our welcoming staff a call at 1-250-850-1500 to learn more, or visit us on our website