An elegant sunset seen from the back of a boat while on a BC fishing vacation near Vancouver Island.

While it may seem a bit early, the holiday season is just around the corner. Although many people know what exactly to give their loved ones for the holidays, some of us find ourselves full of wonder as we think about the ultimate gift. Whether it be a close friend, spouse, partner, or relative, a BC fishing vacation is something no fisherman or woman will soon forget. Not only will you be gifting a Vancouver Island fishing package, but you’ll also be giving a life-changing experience. From guided fishing adventures in the Pacific Ocean to awe-inspiring helicopter tours over the mountains, Nootka Wilderness Lodge promises to deliver an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Not everyone can say they’ve gone fishing on Vancouver Island; however, nearly all who have will tell you they plan to go back.

More Than a BC Fishing Vacation

Despite being the primary objective for most of our visitors, there’s much more to do than fishing when you visit Nootka Wilderness Lodge. Does your loved one want to comb the beaches around the Nootka Sound, or perhaps bear viewing would be more fitting for your special someone? Either way, guests are always astonished at the ease in which they can explore the pristine landscape surrounding them. No matter what the plan, the Vancouver Island region has it all for a BC fishing vacation!

Fishing on Vancouver Island

Let’s face it, if you’re thinking about giving a BC fishing vacation, then the person you’re shopping for is probably an avid angler. Whether they prefer trolling in the ocean or fly fishing on the Campbell River, our slice of paradise is one of the most productive fisheries in North America. Our Vancouver Island fishing packages are designed to cater to a wide range of budgets, so we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect one. To sweeten the deal, Nootka Wilderness Lodge will also process your bounty and even ship it out for you if need be

The Best Luxury Fishing Lodge on Vancouver Island

We know the Nootka Sound offers plenty of decent lodging options; that’s why we have an unwavering commitment to stand out from the rest. With elegant accommodations, a knowledgeable staff, and unscathed backcountry around every corner, you need not look further than Nootka Wilderness Lodge for the ultimate BC fishing vacation. For more information or to make a reservation, please contact us online or call 250-850-1500.